Call for Submissions

OCHRE Journal of Women’s Spirituality is an online, peer-reviewed, academic journal published through the California Institute of Integral Studies as a project of the Women’s Spirituality Program. Embracing diverse perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches, we at OCHRE are committed to publishing academic work from both traditional and non-traditional scholars in the field of women’s spirituality. OCHRE was founded with the intention of gathering wisdom within women’s spirituality to share in our local and global communities.

Submissions may include though are not limited to scholarly articles, essays, poetry, literature or film reviews, visual art, and audio and multimedia presentations. OCHRE seeks to broaden common conceptions of academia through publication and review of material that honors multiple ways of knowing. In this spirit, we embrace diversity in both subject matter and methodology. We publish submissions that add to the rich and complex wisdom of women’s spirituality, providing a necessary forum for important discourse in this growing field.

Submissions may address topics such as:

  • feminista / womanist / feminist interpretations of spiritual traditions and/or literature
  • personal experiences within spiritual traditions
  • the impact of women’s spirituality on one’s relationship to self/body/Earth
  • creative expression of one’s spirituality
  • spiritual activism
  • interdisciplinary work with a spiritual or woman-centered emphasis
  • new archeological research, or new perspectives on previous research
  • philosophical explorations

This is just a small list of potential topics and is meant only to stimulate ideas; we encourage a wide range of submissions related to women’s spirituality.

Please see the Guidelines for Prospective Contributors. If you have questions, please contact us:

OCHRE Journal of Women’s Spirituality
Attention: Editorial Directors
California Institute of Integral Studies
Women’s Spirituality Program
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103 USA