FALL 2007

Letter from Joseph Subbiondo, CIIS President

Congratulations to the many people who worked so diligently to bring this first issue of OCHRE Journal of Women’s Spirituality to fruition. As an academic, peer-reviewed journal committed to upholding high standards of scholarship while at the same time working with innovative formats and contents, OCHRE expresses the spirituality of women, past and present, for the benefit of a wider academic audience.

The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco is committed to supporting the search for the heart of higher education. As a part of this endeavor, we have been pleased to sustain the first M.A. and Ph.D. program in Women’s Spirituality, Philosophy and Religion in the United States. OCHRE joins the tradition of CIIS which strives “to embody spirit, intellect, and wisdom in service to individuals, communities, and the Earth.”

I am delighted to see this journal join other outstanding academic journals such as the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, the National Women’s Studies Association Journal, Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World, Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy (all in the United States), and the online Journal of Feminist Theology from Britain. By publishing in-depth study and reflection on women’s spirituality, OCHRE adds a unique voice to the current conversations regarding women and religion and the transformation of culture.

Joseph Subbiondo
California Institute of Integral Studies