FALL 2007

A Warm Welcome to OCHRE!

I am very happy to write this letter of welcome and affirmation for OCHRE Journal of Women’s Spirituality. It warms my heart to see the birth of this new academic peer-reviewed journal for the benefit of the emergent field of Women’s Spirituality, within academia, and beyond. Thanks to the many students, faculty, scholars, and others who contributed to this effort. A special thanks to the students who took the initiative to create this journal, and who have devoted a great deal of energy, skill, care, and kind-heartedness to the work of producing and editing this journal: especially Dunya Nuaimi and Tamara T. Thebert. I am also very grateful for the fine work of the members of the OCHRE International Editorial Board.

I believe that an in-depth, scholarly, and celebratory focus on the diverse themes of women’s embodied spirituality will bring our global community a long way forward, as we seek to redress the imbalances that fuel today’s geo-political crises--the imbalances of decision-making powers and responsibilities within families, workplaces, politics, religions, and eco-habitats; the imbalances between ideologies of matter and of spirit; of East and West, North and South, of masculine and feminine, of human and other-than-human, of the past and the future.

May our embodied spirits be strengthened for the work ahead. May our faith and love find the resources we need to restore our lives to balance--to shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, tend the sick, protect us all from domestic, social, and international violence, and replenish the fires of creativity and regeneration within all our hearts, minds, and sacred spirits. I see this OCHRE Journal of Women’s Spirituality as part of this greater work, shared by so many, of creating a better world of peace, justice, and sustainability.

Blessings to all,

Mara Lynn Keller, Ph.D.
Director, Women’s Spirituality M.A. and Ph.D. Program
Philosophy and Religion Department
California Institute of Integral Studies